2019-20 NPS® Customer Loyalty Report
Traits of CX Leaders

Business Growth and Priorities

To first get an idea of what businesses are and should be focusing on most, we took a look at business growth drivers and priorities for 2019-2020. It was no surprise that “happy customers” was at the top of the list for creating growth, and it was clear that companies plan on increasing customer loyalty as a top priority in the next year. 

Top Drivers of Business Growth
Q33: Which of the following would you say are the top drivers of business growth for your company? ‘Other’ and ‘Don’t know’ are excluded from the chart. Base: All respondents. n=185.

‘Happy customers’ is the top driver of business growth.

Secondary drivers of business growth include customer-centric culture and leadership, engaged employees, and superior products/services.

Most Important Goals and Priorities for 2019-2020
Q34: What are the most important goals and priorities for your company in 2019-2020? ‘Other’ and ‘Don’t know’ are excluded from the chart. Base: All respondents. n=183.

Increasing customer loyalty is the most important priority for 2019-2020, followed by growing market share.

Employee engagement also ranked highly as more than one-third indicated it as a priority. Creating happy customers and happy employees are trending goals.