In marketing, existing customer feedback isn’t always top of mind. Priorities are typically around finding ways to get new business. After all, there are ops teams, support reps, & managers that focus on retention.

Customers are not afraid to voice their feelings. Their voice has an impact on nearly every single one of your marketing initiatives. From the moment you decide to put your customers at the center of your marketing strategy, your business will be transformed.

Watch this short video to learn 3 ways you can make customers a part of your marketing strategy to do just that.


Lessons Learned From an Industry Veteran

In the health and fitness industry, a new member costs 5 times more to keep than an existing one. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly why your members are coming through the door or never coming back?

Learn how American Family Fitness incorporated member feedback into their daily practice to improve retention, enhance employee performance, and boost online reviews. Watch now to learn how to:

• Gather actionable feedback to ensure you’re consistently delivering a superior member experience
• Put feedback to work in your club or studio to make effective and impactful operational improvements
• Turn positive feedback into glowing online reviews and testimonials to drive new business

The Net Promoter Methodology was born out of a decade-long research study by a group of independent consultants led by Fred Reicheld of Bain and Company.   Reicheld and his team were trying to determine what the key drivers are for growth and profits in a rapidly growing company.  What they found was that the best predictor of growth was whether or not you were developing a loyal customer base.  From there they set out to define what makes a loyal customer; what they found was that the likelihood to recommend was a key factor in loyalty; thus was born the Net Promoter System and the “ultimate” question which has become so prevalent today.

Watch the following video for a brief yet thorough primer on NPS:

How do you know that all of your customers are receiving a consistent experience? Are they sharing that experience with their friends and family? As your business grows, it’s increasingly important to ensure that you continue delivering the service that got you to where you are now.

To help you get started, we’ve distilled 4 secrets from our brand promise webinar into this mini video series.

Watch now and learn:

  • Why satisfaction falls short when crafting a brand promise
  • The #1 tool to measure a customer’s emotional connection to your brand
  • Key tactics on how to use feedback to manage your business
  • 4 ways to get happy customers to tell their friends