Engage the Whole Team

When you make personal connections with customers, they’re much more likely to give you feedback or sing your praises. Using the Listen360 platform, you can give every member of your team the tools they need to engage in more personal, two-way conversations with customers. We’ll help you deliver the kinds of authentic, personal customer experiences that nurture relationships and build long-lasting loyalty.

Measurable, consistently great customer experiences

Since customer loyalty and referrals can have such a significant impact on continued growth, the ability to measure and track customer loyalty is more critical than ever. Listen360’s NPS-based customer feedback tool provides you a simple KPI you can use to learn what’s working and what is not. Our proprietary voice of the customer text analytics tools to help you achieve consistency in the areas that matter most to your customers.

Make decisions based on customer-driven insights

Understanding what drives loyalty and new business can help you achieve your growth goals much more rapidly, without guesswork and trial and error. Listen360 connects you with critical insights into what matters most to your current, potential and lost customers, allowing you to focus decisions and investments directly on targeted areas that will have the greatest overall impact on growth and profitability