In marketing, existing customer feedback isn’t always top of mind. Priorities are typically around finding ways to get new business. After all, there are ops teams, support reps, & managers that focus on retention.

Customers are not afraid to voice their feelings. Their voice has an impact on nearly every single one of your marketing initiatives. From the moment you decide to put your customers at the center of your marketing strategy, your business will be transformed.

Watch this short video to learn 3 ways you can make customers a part of your marketing strategy to do just that.


We see them everyday without ever looking up at the sky. Those little stars on a webpage often make or break everything from an Amazon cart to a restaurant reservation or even a roof repair service. They influence how we buy and where we look on our screens, but they’re not always top of mind when it comes to AdWords campaigns. It may seem like a subtle difference, but if you use those twinkling little stars to your advantage, they can make your ads stand out from the competition and your bottom line shine.

Customers cost money. Before they ever make a purchase, we spend upsetting amounts on simply getting their attention. Pay-per-click, SEO, and digital advertising have become a nearly universal necessity for growing businesses and consume sizable chunks of budgets. The price tag can be painful, but these methods work. You’ll get clicks and generate leads, but if you don’t continue to optimize your ads to drive CPC down and traffic up, it’s not a sustainable gameplan. One of the answers to this problem, of course, is written in the stars.

Adding stars to your PPC campaign can push all the right numbers in all the right directions. On average, ads with what Google calls “Seller Ratings” get a 10% higher click-through rate than those with none. In some cases, the boost can get up to 30% or higher. Seller Ratings also improve a business’ Quality Score which is a number that Google factors into CPC. An increase in Quality Score via Seller Ratings lowers CPC by roughly 14%, making them much more cost-effective. Cheaper ads and more clicks. Sounds pretty good, right? Buckle up, because we’re just getting started.

A whopping 90% of customers say that their buying decisions depend heavily on customer feedback. An impressive 88% consider online feedback as good as a personal recommendation from a friend or colleague. Your rating status online simply can’t be ignored, and it’s now made its way to AdWords campaigns. At least 77% of shoppers will compare yours with your competitors before making a purchase. Ads with Seller Ratings stand out, build trust, and increase qualified traffic to your site.

So, now you know how effective Seller Ratings can be, but how do you get started on your own? The reason star ratings appear on only a handful of search results is that search engines like Google have several requirements that regulate the process. Listen360’s AdStars® uses the feedback that we’re already receiving from your customers to meet the requirements of Google, Bing, and Yahoo for displaying a star rating next to your paid search ads. In other words, we automate the process by pushing your feedback through the hoops so you don’t have to jump through them yourself.

You’re already doing a great job of delighting your customers to get great feedback, why not show it off? Stars sell, and if you’ve got that little light, you’ve got to let it shine. To learn more about AdStars® and how Listen360 can help you optimize your ad dollars, click here.

Have your AdWords stats handy? Check out the AdStars® ROI calculator to see how much you can start saving today.